04.11.2021 12:40


To be a Vocational School that can adapt to the ever-changing environment and technological developments, meet the need for qualified intermediate staff in the region, attach importance to human-oriented work by increasing the quality of continuous education, and have communication skills and problem-solving skills.


Student-oriented education.
Be committed to universal values.
Be on the side of fairness and justice.
Transparent and accountable management style.
Respect for labor and valuing merit.
Adopting quality education as a principle.
To train students with team spirit.
Respect for social and cultural values.
Being a pioneer in academic and scientific studies.
Sources; economical, effective and efficient use.
Respect for human rights and freedom of thought.
Being open to criticism with a participatory and transparent management approach.
Updating course contents and training programs every year.
Encouraging innovation and adopting continuous improvement as a principle.
To organize training seminars for the people of the region within the framework of cooperation with the stakeholders.
To organize scientific, social and cultural activities that will increase students' sense of belonging and satisfaction with the University and the region.

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